D12.4: BRIDGE Awareness of Wider Societal Implications

This report synthesises insights into wider societal implications of 'informationalising' crisis response and management gained in the BRIDGE project. The focus is on ethical, legal and social issues (ELSI) as well as political implications. These were gathered and analysed through a mixed methods approach over the course of the project (2011-2015), combining literature review with empirical observations, legal risk analysis and ethical and privacy impact assessment and collaborative design research. Our synthesis explores an inventory of wider societal implications related to an increased dependence on advanced ICT systems like BRIDGE. In other deliverables, such as D12.3 21st Century Social, Legal and Ethical Emergency Collaboration and D2.5 Requirements Specification for BRIDGE, we examine the concrete manifestation of these implications in the BRIDGE project. Here, we also look more broadly at the organisational and societal context where BRIDGE innovations might be implemented.

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