BRIDGE Newsletter

BRIDGE Newsletter

Issue 6 - June 2015

The sixth issue of the BRIDGE Newsletter hilights the final project demonstration, which was held in Flums, Switzerland, in May 2015. It describes how the concept cases came together using the middleware in the BRIDGE Golden Hour scenario based on the Toulouse industrial accident of 2001. The issue also presents an overview of the project dissemination activities, from research publications to organised meetings.

Issue 5 - December 2014

The fifth issue of the BRIDGE Newsletter is dedicated mainly to the BRIDGE ValEDation Days, which were organised for validating, exploiting and disseminating BRIDGE results in the final year of the project in Alpine, Nordic and Low Countries in September and November 2014. BRIDGE dissemination activities and scientific results in 2014 are also highlighted in this issue.


Issue 4 - December 2013

The fourth issue of the BRIDGE Newsletter is dedicated to the 2nd and 3rd BRIDGE Demonstrations conducted in Stavanger, Norway, in April and September 2013. It also presents the BRIDGE Middleware and  Concept Cases developed in 2013.

Issue 3 - December 2012


This issue is dedicated to the first BRIDGE demonstration, which took place in VSH Hagerbach Test Gallery in Flums, Switzerland, in September 2012. 

Issue 2 - June 2012


This issue presents the fist set of concepts developed in the BRIDGE project.

Issue 1 - December 2011


This issue introduces the project and its overall technical vision.

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International Cooperation in Crisis Management – A European Perspective Large scale crises can influence many countries simultaneously as they may occur in or involve multinational regions.
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