Description of Work

Description of Work

Social, legal and ethical experts in this project investigate the mutual dependence of technology, organisational dynamics, and human factors, and study existing and emergent future practices of managing opportunities, risks and difficulties. This steers the far-reaching synchronization between technical and social innovations, as well as public life, most importantly in the areas privacy, trust in technology, and inter-organisational collaboration.


BRIDGE elaborates solutions for the generation and distribution of 3D simulations of emergency situations for use in training and in case of an emergency. The visual presentation of threat scenarios and their consequences facilitate to bridge the differences in technical and operational backgrounds between the parties involved.


Furthermore, BRIDGE develops technical solutions in three different areas:

  • Interoperability of data, systems & technology:
  • Manage heterogeneous ad-hoc networks
  • Handle information in different formats & from different sources
  • Collect & manage context information
  • Exploration of a common operational picture:
  • Develop intelligent, adaptive & multimodal user interfaces
  • Obtain, filter, share, & annotate information
  • Provide a decision support tool for crisis management
  • Run-time inter-agency & inter-agent collaboration:
  • Allow the dynamic creation & composition of inter-agency workflows
  • Actor-agent networks & agent-based simulations
  • Facilitate a shared situational awareness.

Realistic scenarios in real-world environments lead to yearly demonstrations of the BRIDGE platform under different foci. BRIDGE’s exploitation activities target three groups: emergency management end-user communities in different European countries, industrial BRIDGE partners, and non-BRIDGE technology and solution providers in Europe.



BRIDGE Methodology is described in the figure below.



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