Expected Results

Expected Results

BRIDGE will deliver socio-technical innovation in multi-agency emergency collaboration. Ethnographical work will construct a deep understanding of the First Responders’ domain, also in terms of social, legal and ethical issues. The technical platform will deliver:

  • Methods and tools that support run-time intra- & inter-agency collaboration;
  • A middleware allowing data, system & network interoperability;
  • Advanced human-computer interaction techniques for effortless exploration of high-quality information enhanced organizational workflows & communication processes.


BRIDGE Innovations


BRIDGE will provide the following innovative tools:

  • Ubiquitous Computing and Work Practices of First Responders:
    • Integrate laboratory tools into everyday working practice;
    • Provide an instrumentation of the reality;
    • Make information tangible through wearable tools.
  • Context-Aware Middleware:
    • Overcome common usability problems with context-aware software;
    • Provide transparency and user control;
    • Treat uncertainty and associate quality meta-data.
  • Actor-Agent Networking:
    • Form a sound theory for systems of actor-agent teams and communities;
    • Take into account human cognition, social norms and culture, as well as technological advancements;
    • Implement and test related empirical (cognitive) actor-agent team models.
  • User-System Interaction:
    • Consider the individual’s perceptual and cognitive capabilities;
    • Advance emerging technologies (e.g., projector phones);
    • Assess impact and role of new technologies in the real context of use.
  • Decision and Collaboration Support in Command and Control:
    • Address different phases of emergency management: Training, preparedness, response, etc.;
    • Combine several decision-making approaches and user-modeling;
    • Enable resource-efficient and quality-improved performance.

Benefits for First Responder Community


BRIDGE aims for support in rapid decision making during a large-scale, multinational crisis response. The results should:

  • Enable more-efficient performance;
  • Reduce workload;
  • Improve quality and efficiency of situation assessment, decision making, and timeliness and effectiveness of communications and coordination;
  • Optimize the use of resources;
  • Strengthen competitiveness of EU technology and service providers in knowledge-based economies and the public sector.



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