The main objective of BRIDGE project is to facilitate rescue and recovery operations through:

  • Methods and tools that support run-time intra- and inter-agency collaboration;
  • Access to a broad range of incident-relevant data;
  • Simple and effortless exploration of high-quality information;
  • Careful consideration of organizational workflows and communication processes.

Technical Aims


BRIDGE intends to develop a platform that will:

  • Integrate existing emergency response systems and platforms;
  • Integrate laboratory tools into everyday working practice;
  • Represent and models organizational workflows and communication processes;
  • Comprise a middleware allowing data, system and network interoperability;
  • Advance human-computer interaction techniques.



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Recent Deliverables

D06.1 - Design Pattern Library - is ready for browsing! Please visit the BRIDGE Design Pattern Library and submit new patterns at http://pattern-library.sec-bridge.eu/.
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Recent Publications

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