D12.3: BRIDGE 21st Century Social, Legal and Ethical Emergency Collaboration

This deliverable discusses emergent future practices of noticing and managing ethical, legal and social issues in large scale emergency management, drawing on social science research, co-design and experimental implementations of prototypes developed in the BRIDGE project (http://www.bridgeproject.eu/en). The aim is to identify opportunities, challenges and risks for innovation for 21st Century Social, Legal and Ethical Emergency Collaboration. The report presents analyses and evaluations of collaboration practices in emergency response, with a particular focus on ethical, legal, and social issues (ELSI) and including a discussion of implications for future socio-technical innovation. In this it collects a desk study on emergency ethics, an exploration of IT in emergency response from a legal perspective and an investigation into the question on how to do IT in emergency response more carefully. It then presents our methodological innovations of ethically aware co-design and reports on the actual process of an ethical investigation into emergency IT during the (co-)design process with the example of the BRIDGE system of systems, reporting on some key findings concerning the ethical implications of the socio-technical systems we designed.


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