D12.1: Privacy Protection and Legal Risk Analysis

Emergency responders may be able to work more efficiently if they can accumulate, share and analyse personal data on people's   health, location, social network, travel patterns and communications. However there are concerns about data protection and privacy, addressed by existing professional practices of privacy protection and demands for legal risk analysis. Any new technology will need to support these existing practices, or as effective or "better"

new practices. An understanding of challenges and opportunities for privacy protection in ICT supported emergency response is thus critical for any innovation project.


The BRIDGE project contributes to innovation in privacy management by means of utilizing the most advanced mechanisms available, and by anticipating and designing for (as far as this is possible) changes in regulatory frameworks and changes in professional and everyday practice. This deliverable describes and informs the Bridge project team's  effort to implement a privacy by design (PbD) approach in the development of middleware for systems of systems for emergency management. Basic concepts such as Privacy, Privacy Intrusion, Personal Data and Privacy Protection are defined. Challenges and opportunities that are specifically relevant for emergency management and for systems of systems innovation in the Bridge project are identified, based on a review of existing research and literature, domain analysis and legal risk analysis. This is followed by a discussion of methods to support privacy by design, including privacy impact assessment (PIA) and legal risk analysis within the context of ethical impact assessment (EIA) and ethnographically and theoretically informed collaborative design. A review of technologies to protect privacy, including privacy enhancing technologies (PETs) builds on this. The deliverable identifies challenges and opportunities for innovation around ethical, legal and social aspects of privacy protection and legal risk analysis in systems of systems for emergency response.



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