D03.4: Real-time Emergency Support

In November 2012 PLUS has been assigned to develop the Concept Case (CC) Advanced Situation Awareness (ASA). In December the BRIDGE consortium approved the PLUS proposal to optimize ASA and integrate other BRIDGE CCs developed by FIT and ALMENDE into ASA.


ASA consists of: (1) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), equipped with video- and infrared camera, as well as multiple environmental sensors; (2) Computer-based EXPERT System (ES). ES compares incoming data with national limits and international recommendations in order to develop advice for the incident commander; (3) 3D/2D-Modelling Module (MM). MM calculates graphics depicting the impact of explosives on structures and man, and the behavior of toxic plumes due to uncontrolled release of chemicals and radioactivity. In addition, the EU Critical Infrastructure Library (CIL) was enlarged, enabling incident commanders to select from 85 ready-to-use 3D models of buildings typical for actually existing Critical Infrastructure (CI) in EU Members. The CIL can be used for training purposes, as well as for application on scene.


Practicability of modelling was demonstrated by SINTEF, providing the MASTER Application with a model of the virtual chemical facility CHEMCO-EXPLO through the Internet, generating a 3D model based on 2D data from the publicly available OpenStreetMap and elevation data provided by the SRTM project.


Functionality of the ASA system and CIL was tested twofold: (1) In the field by using a burning car and simulated car explosion in St. Gilgen (Salzburg, Austria) in September 2014; (2) In terms of system ergonomics and ruggedization, in collaboration with Austrian fire fighters in Salzburg City and St. Gilgen. FIT-Help Beacons system and ALMENDE SWARm have been integrated into the ASA successfully. ASA meets altogether 23 requirements as defined by the BRIDGE End User Advisory Board (EUAB), respectively Austrian first responders.



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