Master: Improved Support for Command and Control During Emergency Response



The objective of the Master is to provide support for decision-making in a large-scale emergency response involving different organizations.


The Master demonstrator provide functionality to present and act on three types of information:


Information about the incident:

  • Location and extent of the incident
  • Status and information from eTriage
  • Information from HelpBeacon
  • Information about involved objects like cars involved in an accident or type of gas leaking

Information about the response:

  • Locations of Command Post
  • Number of first responders and their location and status
  • Location and status of operational area
  • Location and status of assembly areas
Information from external services:
  • Weather
  • Information about hazardous materials
  • Traffic and surveillance cameras




To give local and distributed incident command teams an enhanced situation awareness and decision support tool to enable them to save more lives and secure values during response to small and large emergencies.




The Master will use services offered through LinkSmart to access and control available ad-hoc resources using standard-based formats like EDXL.


The Master will exploit the Microsoft PixelSense, providing a large shared multiuser environment in which local leaders can cooperate on information exchange and decision making. The interaction is based on direct manipulation exploiting multi-touch, as well as using physical objects as part of the interaction.


Future versions of the Master will also be available on tablets, and in restricted versions on smartphones.

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