BRIDGE Conducts Successful Final Demonstration

25 May 2015


Fourteen BRIDGE partners gathered in Switzerland, for the fourth and final project demonstration hosted by the Hagerbach Test Galleries (Versuchstollen Hagerbach, VSH) in Flums on May 20-21, 2015.  They presented emergency response systems developed in different work packages and demonstrated how they can interact to the representatives of the BRIDGE End-User Advisory Board and the project reviewers. 


BRIDGE partners demonstrated a flexible assembly of emergency response systems supported by the BRIDGE middleware into a ‘system of systems’ for agile emergency response. Such ‘systems’ include BRIDGE concept cases, but also independent systems such as healthcare or vehicle registration records, building or environmental sensors, CCTV camera systems. The final concept cases that were demonstrated in Flums are:

  • Adaptive Logistics
  • Advanced Situation Awareness
  • Dynamic Tagging of the Environment
  • First Responders Integrated Training System (FRITS)
  • Information Intelligence
  • Master
  • Robust and Resilient Communication
  • Situation aWAre Resource Manager (SWARM)

Each concept case represents an end-user application whose implementation is based on individual parts and services of the BRIDGE middleware, and, therefore, each concept case represents an 'instantiation' of the BRIDGE middleware architecture and provides a specific perspective on the services offered by the BRIDGE middleware. To the producers of emergency response systems, BRIDGE middleware offers a consolidated set of software services organized in three layers that facilitate the orchestration of systems, the communication between such systems, and the management of data produced by such systems during an incident's life-cycle. The BRIDGE middleware forms the basis of all BRIDGE concept cases and underpins interoperability between different BRIDGE- and external systems.


BRIDGE innovations were demonstrated in the framework of a simulated technological disaster scenario, involving a powerful explosion and subsequent fire at a chemical facility. The scenario was developed based on the actual industrial accident, which happened in Toulouse, France, in September 2001, causing 30 fatalities and over 3000 injuries among the personnel onsite and general public outside of the facility. This scenario was chosen to demonstrate how the system of systems developed in BRIDGE could be used after such a disaster and improve emergency response during its most challenging early stage (i.e., the first - 'golden' - hour).  All eight concept cases, plus the BRIDGE middleware, were shown at different timeslots of the BRIDGE Golden Hour, demonstrating both, the advantages of the new technologies and early stage prototypes in different phases of emergency response and their interaction and interoperability as an integrated solution. The demo was followed by the final review meeting, which was completed with a positive evaluation of the project results by the reviewers.


Originally scheduled to be completed on 31 March 2015, the BRIDGE project was granted a three months extension and will finish at the end of June 2015.

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