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Ethically Aware IT Design for Emergency Response: From Co-Design to ELSI Co-Design'

Michael Liegl, Rachel Oliphant and Monika Büscher (Lancaster University)



The latest EU funding framework, 'Horizon 2020', has moved consideration of ethical and societal implications of technology development to the fore. Yet, there is little guidance on how to do such research in practice, let alone how to innovate in ethically and socially sound ways. This paper addresses these issues in the context of a large scale EU funded project developing system of system innovations in IT supported emergency response. Building on collaborative design and a range of other approaches, the paper argues that just like 'usability', ethics cannot be invented or decided by experts, but has to be the product of engagement with the technology by directly or indirectly implicated publics. Facilitating such publics is a central element of what we call 'ELSI Co-Design'. The paper outlines the theoretical and methodological underpinnings of this approach.


Full paper


Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management
(ISCRAM 2015), Kristiansand, Norway, 24-27 May 2015, Palen, Büscher, Comes & Hughes, eds.



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