D13.2: End-User Advisory Board: First Meetings and Scenarios

In order to guarantee active end-user involvement during the project, BRIDGE has established an advisory board of national and regional end-user organisations, representing different areas and nations within emergency management. The End User Advisory Board (EUAB) convenes at least every 6 months and the EUAB consists of eight members and a chairman.


Some of the problems described by the EUAB on-scene are lack of information, information overload, uncertain quality of information, poor understanding of structure of buildings, the triage process of tagging victims, unreliable system for the registration of injured victims, logistics, weak reliability of supporting IT, fragile interoperability between emergency agencies from different countries, and difficulties relating to modeling of critical infrastructures. The EUAB members have also pointed out a number of important issues to be dealt with, e.g.; (1) communication network break downs, (2) social media users ability to provide information to first responders, (3) information exchange and communication interoperability between different agencies and (4) how to do real time observation on incident sites in order to provide a common operational picture.


Different concepts, or front end components, are developed to support the incident commander and responders on-scene. These concepts are ranging from new ways to visualize the information to have a common operational picture of the crisis and an overview of available resources and the risks involved with various decisions.


The overarching scenario describes a constructed emergency where the use and interaction of different front end components, procedures, simulations etc. from the BRIDGE project will be demonstrated. The aim of the scenario description is to provide a realistic storyline that helps us explain how the collaboration technologies we envision for BRIDGE could support the first responders and the incident commanders during a real disaster.




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