D12.2: BRIDGE Ethical, Legal and Social Issues: Current Practices in Multi Agency Emergency Collaboration


Integrating information technology (IT) into emergency response produces complex intended and unintended, positive and negative consequences, reaching from enhanced efficiencies to new digital divides. This deliverable presents an analysis of core ethical, legal and social issues that practicioners and other stakeholders currently encounter in multi-agency collaboration. The report provides a broad overview and an inventory of international coordination initiatives and standardisation activities. The focus lies on issues that are relevant to innovation in IT supported forms of multi-agency emergency response. We examine current approaches and practices of managing these issues, combining literature review with insights from empirical investigations. The purpose of the work summarised here is to inform socio-technical innovation in system of system approaches to large-scale multi-agency emergency response, and this purpose defines the scope of discussions. Utilization of the document for this purpose is supported by a glossary and an extensive index. The report concludes with a summary.

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