D09.4: Integrated Demonstration in Real-Scale Networks under Crisis Conditions

This report documents the final BRIDGE Demonstration in the underground test facility of VSH, in May 2015, with special emphasis on the integration of BRIDGE technology to provide a common operational picture to incident managers in large crisis management.

The Demonstration highlighted the contribution of Concept Cases embedded into the timeline of the Golden Hour with reference to a historical incident, the Toulouse AZF explosion in September 2001. The tested and integrated BRIDGE technologies include:

o Adaptive Logistics

o Advanced Situation Awareness

o eTriage

o First Responder Integrated Training System FRITS

o Information Intelligence


o Robust and Resilient Communication

o Situation aWare Resource Management

This demonstrator combined the three prior demonstrators and included aspects of the 3D visualization and simulation technology. It addressed all relevant stakeholders involved in the above mentioned crisis scenario.


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