D04.2: Functional View on the BRIDGE Architecture


The BRIDGE middleware supports the flexible assembly of emergency response systems into a ‘system of systems’ for agile emergency response. To the producers and users of emergency response systems, BRIDGE middleware offers a consolidated set of software services organized in three layers that facilitate the assembly and orchestration of systems, the communication between such systems, and the management of data produced by such systems during an incident’s life-cycle. The BRIDGE middleware forms the basis of all BRIDGE Concept Cases and underpins interoperability between different BRIDGE and external systems.


This deliverable reports on the final software architecture of the BRIDGE middleware at the end of the second iteration. The methodology applied for the specification of the software architecture of the BRIDGE middleware is based on the standard IEEE 1471 ‘Recommended Practice for Architectural Description of Software-Intensive Systems’ which defines core elements like viewpoint and view. In order to implement and execute this methodology, we follow the approach introduced by Rozanski and Woods (2005).


The deliverable represents the current state of software design and has been continuously updated and revised to incorporate the continuous improvements and integration of the BRIDGE middleware. It provides updates for all relevant parts of the software architecture description, and also, a testing of the software architecture based on the specification and implementation of the BRIDGE Concept Cases. These concept case perspectives on the BRIDGE middleware architecture help to explore the interplay and utilization of BRDIGE components to fulfil tasks related to emergency response.


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